Accounting to close Pizarro ISP is ongoing.

Pizarro was born of necessity. Hosting has been bureaucratized and commodified. Providers have long since sold out to governments, advertisers, and other nameless scumbags. A band of crypto enthusiasts had enough, and here we are. Pizarro takes a stand against the endless encroachment of the empire. YOU OWN YOUR BOX. Feel free to weld the thing shut. We'll never ruin your security posture with IP KVMs, "management engines", and other attack vectors.


PizarroISP is a venture offering colocation, rental servers, and shared hosting to persons and operating under the jurisdiction of The Most Serene Republic. Pizarro is a joint venture managed by Aaron 'BingoBoingo' Rogier overseen by a board consisting of Technical Director Stanislav 'asciilifeform' Datskovskiy and Chaired by mod6. Our physical footprint is in Montevideo, Uruguay which allows for excellent international internet connectivity.

Prospective customers are invited to register in the Web of Trust and establish an identity. We have no objections to dealing with persons who prefer a pseudonym to their birth name and don't care much for identification issued by pretend sovereigns.

Our operation is in explicit opposition to slave empires as exemplified by the USG as well as other enemies of personal freedom and everything good. To this end we maintain a permissive Good Neighbor Policy we request our customers adhere to in order protect our connection to the internet. The venue for resolving disputes involving policy and its application is the Forum of the Republic.

Contact us and see what we can do for you.