Pizarro Shared Hosting - a screaming deal for 0.003 BTC/mo!

Check out this magnificent piece of hardware:

UY1 innards

This is the machine described in the March 2018 Gear for Hire post; rerepurposed as a shared host for The Republic.

The product on offer is not your typical VPS: .003 BTC/mo (as of March 22nd, we'll adjust this occasionally as the exchange rate floats around) buys you shell access on the machine described above. We're throwing out all pretenses of isolation along with the virtualization stack, and in the process ditching a significant enough pile of overhead to sell a significantly more powerful product for the same cash. For contrast, lobbes reports that he's currently paying 5 USD/mo for a VPS with 512 MB of RAM and 50 GB of HDD space, although they do offer unlimited bandwidth. Policy on this machine is "play nice with others". Users found to be absorbing more than a reasonable (by my standards) share of bandwidth, CPU time, or memory will face a stern talking to, by myself and also the folks with whom you share the machine. One notable advantage of this setup is that you will actually have neighbors on whose doors you can knock when they disturb your sleep at 2 in the morning with bass-heavy pop music. This stands in stark contrast with the "Virtual Private Server" crowd, where you have no idea how saturated CPU usage is on your underlying host, and no neighbors to complain to.

Pizarro staff will install and manage software on this machine for users. If you'd like to use weechat, just ask and we'll get you the right weechat version. Want to serve vanilla HTML? We'll get your files wired into Apache. Want to run an MP-WP? We'll make that happen as well.

Interested? Drop by our IRC channel and ask about shared hosting. Shells are available right now, turnaround on software installation requests is variable.

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