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Rockchips for rent!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

$100/mo. $75/mo paid quarterly.

$50 setup fee to cover cost of consumables.

Pizarro will replace failed SSDs at most once per year, per customer. Further replacements will cost $50.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • Quad-core ARM V8, 1.4 GHz
  • 128 GB Samsung USB3 storage
  • Unmetered shared

This nifty machine sits at that sweet spot between "a big-boy-pants server" that takes up an entire 1U and eats lord only knows how many watts at idle, and the not-actually-isolated modern timeshare scam known as "Virtual Private Servers". It has none of the overhead of a virtualized kernel, and its teeny tiny, dare I say adorable form factor is such that we can cram oodles of these into space that would otherwise cost north of a hundred dollars a month just in power, space and bandwidth.

They come with a Pizarro-special Gentoo, and EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPORT, limited to OS reinstalls.

Available for rent while supplies last. Get 'em while they're hot!

Pizarro Statement, March 2018

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Pizarro March 2018 Statement

Prepared by Benjamin Vulpes

BTC incoming and outgoing

incoming   outgoing   account
Qntra rent (Feb + March) 0.006     c
    Plane ticket 0.13573228 i
    Freight surcharge 0.01216017 i
    Import tax 0.18288321 i
    SATA cables 0.00443238 i
    Additional bag 0.01302788 i
    Packing supplies 0.00206636 i
    USB drives 0.00173717 t
    Hotel 0.01575828 i
courier fee 0.11985394     i
march rackspace 0.00890489     c
courier fee 0.11985394     i
march rackspace 0.00890489     c
march shared hosting 0.00077419     c
march shared hosting 0.00067742     c
    bunk 0.06664991 i
    desk 0.03636512 i
    per diem 0.07249639 i
    local taxes 0.02116427 i
    customs 0.02747847 i
    llegada 0.00093544 i
    DC 0.27993662 i
    wire fee 0.00584648 i
    WU fee 0.00420947 i
  0.26496927   0.88287990  

USD incoming and outgoing

incoming   outgoing  
funds for April expenses 1800    
    bunk 570
    desk 311
    per diem 620
    local taxes 181
    customs 235
    llegada 8
    power cables 49
    network cables 15
    wrench 7
  1800   1996

Fiat assets

account 3/01/2018 net change 3/31/2018
USD $2724 ($196) 2528

I've changed my mind about how the accounting for the "advance", by which I mean the ongoing rounding-up of Western Union remittances to hit even-hundred numbers from what is calculated to be needed. This is currently sitting as cash in the USD pile; and it can be accounted for simply as that. Unless someone mounts an objection, I've struck this account from the report as I realize it's not sensible.


item qty book value monthly depreciation last depreciation period
UY1 1 0.23423972 0.02129452 March 2019
FUCKGOATS 29 0.40277781 n/a n/a
USD 2528 0.35756719 n/a n/a
  total 0.99458472    

Remaining value of rails, power cables, ethernet cables, and wrench depreciated entirely.

Pizarro assets

account 3/01/2018 net change 3/31/2018
cash 9.77622890 -0.61791063 9.15831827
tangibles .92344934 0.07113537 0.99458472
intangibles and goodwill 1.95767294 0.64143485 2.59910779
    0.09465959 12.75201078

Pizarro cash accounts

account amount
BV1 8.84424376
BV2 0.13021044
BB1 0.20123128

Totally hosed delivery of the machine for S.MG; so repurposed that box into shared hosting. Shells for any in the deedbot L2 on a ridiculously overpowered machine with PHP and MySQL for your MP-WP hosting needs. The tangibles line looks healthier than it has any right to due to the deterioration of the USD/BTC price.

I applied courier service payments from customers whose gear went to Uruguay last month against the intangibles account for this month.

Audit of cash accounts reveals that we're ~2 bitcents heavy, one of which is owed to asciilifeform and the other reserved for shipping some FG cross-country.

Pizarro showed a small amount of revenue this period, and will show a similarly small amount of revenue next. The WP/PHP hosting bootstrapping is going well, and may even turn into its own product this month. May the forex trade winds not blow further and harder against us.

Pizarro has 1,100,000 shares outstanding. Par value for all accounts is 0.00001091 BTC/share, and 0.00000855 BTC/share for cash and tangibles.

PHP Hosting and MySQL DBs now available on Pizarro shared hosting

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

It took a bit longer than expected, as we had to tilt at the windmill of "every user gets a MySQL installation", but Pizarro's shared hosting box can now serve PHP applications and provide users with MySQL databases of their own. Gratis with a shell account!

Talk to your friendly BoFH (ben_vulpes, asciilifeform or BingoBoingo) in #pizarro on the Freenode IRC network for details.