Pizarro Weekly Update November 17th, 2018

A list of customer accounts and historical BTC/USD price points has been published. Work to cleanse the historical weekly updates of missile codes is ongoing, I hope to be able to publish them by the end of November. An audit of the historical cash account by ben_vulpes is ongoing. A small disaster involving my personal blog has lead to a number of lessons on configuring a more RockChip friendlier mpwp substrate than the a number of the underlying software packages default to, the write up is in process.

By inherited convention weekly updates were targeted for Fridays and delivered appended to a text file sent whole via GPGgram. As the file grew past the point of manageability with a potential readership of only a few RSA keypairs it became an incredible source of risk, dread, and time expended. In moving Pizarro materials on to this website my aim is to leverage the Republic to strengthen Pizarro by allowing our literate customers and investors to review our incoming, outgoing, and customer accounts in a level detail that is difficult to reconstruct from the single monthly report. It is my hope that opening the books can streamline operational time and dread spent on book keeping that can instead be reallocated to pursuing growth.

Thoughts and insight are welcome.

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