Pizarro Weekly Update November 25th 2018

This week was dominated by continued janitorial work as well as reading and tracking developments including the audit results by ben_vulpes.

The "Thanksgiving" and "Viernes Negro" holidays were observed with cultural exchanges to be described in another venue. This opportunity was taken to meditate on addressing the "leaking roof" over Pizarro and the Republic. The effectiveness of Republican outreach in escaping the heathen barrier of studious ignoring appears to have declined substantially since 2015. At the same time technological development of the Republic has been moving forward.

There was no FFA in 2015, in 2018 FFA attracted several new promising people into active Republican participation. With Cuntoo incoming and other Republican projects developing a firm interconnected, foundational alternative to mainstream insanity, the Republican's position to do outreach with something to offer strengthens. This is promising in the long term, but in the short term ongoing financial security eludes our power plug.

Growth to the point of ongoing solvency is going to eventually require more hardware, either colocated or rented, for a consistent base of income along with ongoing general Republican outreach and support for Republican projects. Hopefully conversations in the forum can clarify how to pursue this in the coming weeks.

Expect future weekly updates to happen every Sunday.

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