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Pizarro Update December 31st

Monday, December 31st, 2018

Pizarro shared hosting customers who have had their mp-wp installations provided by me were sent a dispatch on bringing greater functionality and security to their installations after the means to do so were tested. Not all customers have acknowledged receipt yet, but those who have received support implementing the measures. A new shared hosting account was set up for an existing Pizarro customer/board member. Preparations for the end of the month accounting are ongoing. Forum engineering and database walking continue.

Weechat is being investigated for addition to the default shared hosting account amenities following a customer bringing this post to my attention.

Pizarro Update December 23rd

Monday, December 24th, 2018

Though recent, the highest current action item is mp-wp not being as spartan as I thought. Fixes for most issues are being tested, writeup should be published before the 27th. The complete remedy is looking to involve a measure of customer action. Existing customers will be contacted, and the new customer enrollment conversation will be amended. Also installing mp-wp into shared hosting accounts by default is looking like the new standard for shared hosting accounts. The number of shared hosting customers who wanted bare accounts is dwarfed by the number that wanted mp-wp.

A new shared hosting customer has chosen Pizarro. Fiat denominated invoices have been paid. In the coming month several fiat expenses are expected to increase when the government formalizes inflation. Local "our democracy" election campaign season is beginning to heat up, this is being monitored for opportunities to identify useful locals.

I have been trying to amp up the forum engineering and walk some databases. At this point it is hard to tell if the going is going. For customers considering hardware colocation, I do have to say the water at the beach is pretty great. Have you considered a colocation vacation?

Weekly Update December 9th 2018

Sunday, December 9th, 2018

The fiat purchase auction ended setting the price with which invoices will be sent tomorrow. Efforts to evangelize at the Expocannabis have been thwarted by the intoxication of attendees and proliferation of bad loud music. A write up will be prepared and published. Also upcoming, some long awaited text dumping and publication.

Weekly Update December 2nd 2018

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

The end of month local bills were paid, and Trinque's release of a Cuntoo bootstrapper has provided reading material. This, along with preparations to publish a timely statement has slowed review of the legacy text notes. Ben_vulpes has come forward with an offer to help speed up creation of future statements, but for this month I am hand grinding a statement in parallel his efforts.

In the first half of the week to come I should receive confirmation from the datacenter that wires offering us a cushion of prepayment have arrived. Meanwhile the USD account's activity for November and our fiat asset table below:

USD Incoming and Outgoing
|                                                 | INCOMING      | OUTGOING   |Pesos
| Electricity                                     |               | 79         |2495
| Apartment                                       |               | 443        |14000
| ANDA fees                                       |               | 20         |617
| Apartment Common Costs                          |               | 61         |1933
| Apartment Fiber Internet                        |               | 42         |1320
| Local Taxes                                     |               | 162        |5136
| Accountant                                      |               | 70         |2200
| Cowork                                          |               | 157        |
| Per diem                                        |               | 750        |
|                                                 | 0             | 1784       |

Exchange Rate 31.6 Pesos per USD

Fiat Assets
| Account | 11/01/2018 | Net Change | 11/30/2018 |
| USD     | 6102       | -1784      | 4318       |
| UYU     | 44900      | 0          | 44900      |

With no incoming USD in November and a healthy cushion at the datacenter, I am inclined to hold an auction seeking to buy 2000 USD using auctionbot in order to set an exchange rate for December invoices and maintain the fiat pile here in Montevideo.

Also upcoming this next weekend is the "ExpoCannabis" where I will go, talk to people, and try to perform some general Republican outreach. I will also try to leverage this opportunity to have the workstation get some compiling done and hopefully produce a Cuntoo environment.