Pizarro ISP Update January 14, 2019

The shared hosting server has been experiencing unplanned and unwanted reboots. I have done some preliminary non-invasive investigation, and asciilifeform has begun troubleshooting. With the downtime this issue has resulted in, I am inclined to not charge current shared hosting customers for this month. I am interested in hearing other proposals to compensate our customers for the downtime.

Invoices were sent based on the one successful fiat auction this month. As liquidity in the local BTC/fiat market appears to be improving I will attempt to acquire ~1500 USD at a price better than the auction was settled at to confirm the apparent improvement in local liquidity.

A nice girl from the Datacenter's accounting team informed me they would like us to spend down some of our accumulated deposit with them before they are sent any more wired fiats.

The combination of last week's update and my evaluation of Pizarro's footing entering this year lead to the start of a conversation in the forum on Pizarro's future. Both asciilifeform and mod6 confirmed their plans to each invest a further 5BTC in Pizarro. Merits and substantial drawbacks of attempting to cut datacenter costs mid contract were discussed. The conclusion of conversation at this point appears to be that the focus in 2019 needs to be getting a mechanized Republican conversion engine going.

Upon reading the statements Mircea Popescu noted that Pizarro has been growing in value, largely through appreciation in fiat holdings with are allocated to our continued good customer relationship with the datacenter. I apologize for letting my focus on cash flow overwhelm the larger picture in communications.

Forum fishing has lead to a potential opportunity to meet with a fellow who has an established presence on some forums that partially overlap with Republican politics. It is my hope that at the very least this will help to raise the profile of Pizarro outside the Republic and open the door for some soft Republican conversions.

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  1. [...] Per the January 14th update, 1513 USD were acquired locally at cost of 0.42 BTC for an effective rate of 3601 USD/BTC, a slightly better rate than we acquired 500 USD for at auction earlier this month. I politely declined an offer to buy double the amount of USD, a welcome change in the local liquidity environment compared to last year. [...]

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