Pizarro ISP Update January 21, 2019

As a result of the ongoing discussion of Pizarro's future, planning has begun for a hardware run sometime in March. Out of a 4 rack unit payload two units worth of Rockchip plant are planned while 2 units of space are available at present for customers to propose colocation payloads during the next couple weeks. Supporting work to prepare for the supply mission is in the early stages. Preparations will continue.

Following instrumentation UY1 has not been resetting. Leading hypotheses for the resets are hostile action or the RAID card overheating during a walk. An effort to stand up the vacant Rockchip to host IRC bouncers for current Pizarro shared hosting customers lead to the Rockchip being declared dead, the first hardware loss in the Rockchip fleet. Shared hosting customers using UY1 to host their bouncers have been invited to request an account on my Pizarro hosted Rockchip, one customer has done so and been accommodated.

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