Pizarro Update January 27th 2019

Asciilifeform has ordered a Rockchip sent to Uruguay via commercial shipping to replace the unit declared dead last week. This unit has 4GB of RAM in contrast to the currently deployed units with 2GB of RAM. If the 2GB models are indeed out of print it means the 4GB models will fill the next Rockchip plant deployed to Uruguay.

Further the last "sad" drive was purged from the Rockchip plant. The customer's Rockchip accepted a new drive without issue.

Per the January 14th update, 1513 USD were acquired locally at cost of 0.42 BTC for an effective rate of 3601 USD/BTC, a slightly better rate than we acquired 500 USD for at auction earlier this month. I politely declined an offer to buy double the amount of USD, a welcome change in the local liquidity environment compared to last year.

Board member mod6 proposed arranging Pizarro's next round of capitalization after the publication of the February statement.

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