Pizarro ISP February 17th Update

A fiat auction settled the BTC/USD rate for February at 3247 USD/BTC and invoices were issued. A customer question following invoicing lead to implementing selection magic on the Pizarro website and a review of the copy presented on the website as well. A review of all copy on the website will continue through at least the next week with the aim of producing marketing payloads for mass distribution that are in concordance with the information presented on the website.

This week's discussion in the forum of the Republic has been dominated by the subject of compilers, one I am ill equipped to comment on. Because of the critical role the compiler plays in building the rest of this stack, following the conversation as it plays out is important to have a literate understanding of the decisions made on the way to having a compiler.

Ongoing Things To Be Done:

  • Debug Auction Price Discovery Mechanism - Tagged to Manager, The Forum
  • Mechanized Conversion Engine - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Spec Second RockChip Plant - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Complete Rewrite of Website Copy - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Social Engineering of Uninitiated Forum Operators with aim of Marketing takeover - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Continue improving corporate communication and transparency - Tagged To Manager
  • Add more open threads to this list - Tagged To Manager

Further out

  • Implement our own routing, this is a prerequisite to capturing a larger portion of IPv4 space
  • Complete Dominance of the market for hosted computing

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