Pizarro ISP February 24th Update

Local fiat buying for this month was completed. A total of 1597 USD were acquired for 0.43 BTC at an average price of 3714 USD/BTC a discount over this month's auction determined price point of 3247 USD/BTC.

Some discussion on what hardware to include in the next buildout mission occurred alongside the passing of a list of candidate forums to enumerate and walk. By the end of Saturday this upcoming week I intend to submit a collection of candidate payloads for review. Scouting for additional forums continues, but is complicated by a decade of Reddit eating independent forums.

This week I will also be submitting paperwork to the local environmental office swearing I know how to dispose of trash in order to maintain the import certification.

Reading of Cuntoo scripts continues. I am grateful bolder pioneers, especially hanbot, are running out ahead of me and taking ample notes.

Ongoing Things To Be Done:

  • Mechanized Conversion Engine - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Target selection and Payload development for Conversion Engine - Tagged To Manager
  • Spec Second RockChip Plant - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Determine next resupply cargo - Tagged To Manager, Technical Director, Forum
  • Complete Rewrite of Website Copy - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Social Engineering of Uninitiated Forum Operators with aim of Marketing takeover - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Continue improving corporate communication and transparency - Tagged To Manager
  • Add more open threads to this list - Tagged To Manager

Further out

  • Implement our own routing, this is a prerequisite to capturing a larger portion of IPv4 space
  • Complete Dominance of the market for hosted computing

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