Pizarro ISP March 24th Update

The attempt to purchase a machine for Cuntoo experiments has yet to place a machine in my hands. Satisfaction is being pursued, and I will have it. The vendor claims they simply failed to deposit the merchandise with the Correo during the entire week after the purchase was made through Mercado Libre. This pursuit of satisfaction will be a test of both the individual vendor doing business as ACCESOPC3000 and Mercado Libre Uruguay as a platform for meeting folks strangers with things to sell. In the end a machine for Cuntoo testing will be acquired.

Our Technical director has immersed himself in finishing FFA's peh after which his intention is to immerse himself in Pizarro.

Ongoing Things To Be Done:

  • Explore the Cuntoo World - Tagged To Manager, Recommended to All
  • Mechanized Conversion Engine - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Target selection and Payload A/B testing for Conversion Engine - Tagged To Manager
  • Spec Second RockChip Plant - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Determine next resupply cargo - Tagged To Manager, Technical Director, Forum
  • Complete Rewrite of Website Copy - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Social Engineering of Uninitiated Forum Operators with aim of Marketing takeover - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Continue improving corporate communication and transparency - Tagged To Manager
  • Add more open threads to this list - Tagged To Manager

Further out

  • Implement our own routing, this is a prerequisite to capturing a larger portion of IPv4 space
  • Complete Dominance of the market for hosted computing

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