Pizarro ISP April 14th Update

Service was started for a new shared hosting customer. Some bumps along the way illustrated a need to organize my files in a way to more rapidly deploy the right mp-wp. The exchange rate was set with substantially more bidding in past months, invoices have been dispatched, and the task of conveying payment to the datacenter has been assigned. Cuntoo experimentation has been slow.

UY1 has been completely depreciated into the realm of intangible assets.

Ongoing Things To Be Done:

  • Explore the Cuntoo World - Tagged To Manager, Recommended to All
  • Get The Datacenter paid - Tagged To Manager
  • Mechanized Conversion Engine - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Target selection and Payload A/B testing for Conversion Engine - Tagged To Manager
  • Spec Second RockChip Plant - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Determine next resupply cargo - Tagged To Manager, Technical Director, Forum
  • Complete Rewrite of Website Copy - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Social Engineering of Uninitiated Forum Operators with aim of Marketing takeover - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Continue improving corporate communication and transparency - Tagged To Manager
  • Add more open threads to this list - Tagged To Manager

Further out

  • Implement our own routing, this is a prerequisite to capturing a larger portion of IPv4 space
  • Complete Dominance of the market for hosted computing

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