Pizarro ISP June 9th 2019 Report

Auctions to set the June exchange rate are ongoing. Both have attracted bidders.

Substantial log archaeology and dealing was done to satisfy a valued client and replace their existing agreements which left little information on how to price renewal with a clearer ongoing agreement. S.MG will be taking ownership of their current servers in exchange for two servers delivered to Pizarro and converting their rental arrangement to a colocation arrangement. Once the servers make it to Uruguay, rent for the time between June and the server's delivery will be invoiced. The colocation will be invoiced after the June exchange rate is set.

Going forward server rentals will be priced to recover 90% of their book cost in the first year and have future years priced based on 50% of the machine's acquisition cost. The 90% target for the first year is intended not to serve as an absolute, but a base from which to work in order to meet our customer's needs as this is a Republic of Men, not Laws.

The May statement has been published.

Ongoing Things To Be Done:

  • Explore the Cuntoo World - Tagged To Manager, Recommended to All
  • Get The Datacenter paid - Tagged To Manager, ongoing monthly
  • Mechanized Conversion Engine - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Target selection and Payload A/B testing for Conversion Engine - Tagged To Manager
  • Spec Second RockChip Plant - Tagged To Technical Director
  • Determine next resupply cargo - Tagged To Manager, Technical Director, Forum
  • Complete Rewrite of Website Copy - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Social Engineering of Uninitiated Forum Operators with aim of Marketing takeover - Tagged To Manager, Ongoing
  • Continue improving corporate communication and transparency - Tagged To Manager
  • Add more open threads to this list - Tagged To Manager

Further out

  • Implement our own routing, this is a prerequisite to capturing a larger portion of IPv4 space
  • Complete Dominance of the market for hosted computing

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