Shared Hosting Update And First Substantial DDoS

The IP address allocated to our shared hosting server has been blackholed to mitigate a DDoS attack targeting one of our customers. To bring customer hosted sites back online the machine has been given a number of IP addresses while waiting for the upstream provider to signal all clear and end the blackholing of the address.

In the interim the shared hosting machine and the sites it serves may be accessed at while we await the return of .247's availability. Customers their site's DNS information hosted on and have had their domains directed to the new IP. Customers and vistors to site that eschew DNS for all of the very good reasons to do so may edit their host files and swap the 7 for a 0 to access sites. Once the .247 address emerges from the blackhole sites will be accessible through both .240 and .247 for the forseeable future.

SSH access is available as follows:

ssh username@ -p 50022

To facilitate restoring public access to sites faster when suffering similar weather in the future, we invite all of our shared hosting customers to change their domain's name servers1 to and with your registrar. If your domain requires records for services beyond Pizarro hosting, just let me know what lines you need.

Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

  1. The name server runs a simple daemon which only returns the authoritative DNS records for the domains it has. It will not resolve unknown names or do any of the other surface area increasing activities your other ISP's name server might do. []

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