ARM Dedicated Servers

Sold Out: All of our installed ARM servers are leased at this time. We plan to bring a number of ARM servers online during the first half of 2019. One Available! Check in #pizarro on Freenode for updates and future availability.

Single board ARM servers for those times you need root. Rent a dedicated ARM server from Pizarro:

$100 per month when billed monthly $75 per month when paid quarterly.

$50 dollar setup fee.

Boards: ROC-RK3328-CC

Our Rockchip based ARM servers are an ideal solution for hosting a number of services including blog management systems, irc bouncers, and other personal infrastructure. One advantage our ARM servers hold over shared hosting, whether the shared hosting is advertised as a "Virtual Private Server" or another marketing term, is physical isolation and control.

When you rent a Pizarro ARM server the CPU, RAM, Disk, and any peripherals are under your control. Our "hands off" admin policy applies to these machines just like it does to larger co-located and rented servers. Once we hand over control of a server to a customer, we do not intervene in the operation of your hosted servers except at your request.