Pizarro Colocation And Dedicated Server Rate Sheet

Pizarro rates and offerings are as follows:

1U Rack Space

Space in the Pizarro datacenter, power, 1 IP address, (currently unmetered) use of the 20/200 pipe to the cage.

141.7 USD/mo, billed in BTC at the beginning of every month.

Getting machines to the DC is a bit of a hike, and you're welcome to ship out with one of our supply runs to the "space station".

Pizarro servers do not employ BMC, nor always-on KVM setups. We do not disassemble servers without explicit customer request, so feel free to seal your boxes. Account management is done through RSA process, do not expect that you can sidestep loss of your key through social engineering. Burn Microshit, burn

Feel free to ask any questions about our service in #Pizarro on Freenode.

Shared Hosting

See our page dedicated to shared hosting.

Rockchip mini-servers

$100/mo. $75/mo paid quarterly.

$50 dollar setup fee.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • Quad-core ARM V8, 1.4 GHz
  • 128 GB Samsung USB3 storage

This nifty machine sits at that sweet spot between "a big-kid-pants server" that takes up an entire 1U and eats lord only knows how many watts at idle, and the not-actually-isolated modern timeshare scam known as "Virtual Private Servers". It has none of the overhead of a virtualized kernel, and its teeny tiny, dare I say adorable form factor is such that we can cram oodles of these into space that would otherwise cost north of a hundred dollars a month just in power, space and bandwidth.

Failed SSDs will be replaced at Pizarro expense at most one time per year. Further replacements cost $50 USD each.

Available for rent while supplies last. Get 'em while they're hot!


0.00104167 BTC/mo.

We also rent the world-famous FUCKGOATS true random number generator, for safe online RSA in either a box of your own delivery or one of our Rockchip mini servers.