Pizarro Hosting Rate Sheet

Pizarro rates and offerings are as follows:

1U Rack Space

Space in the Pizarro datacenter, power, 1 IP address, (currently unmetered) use of the 20/200 pipe to the cage.

141.7 USD/mo, billed in BTC at the beginning of every month.

Getting machines to the DC is a bit of a hike, and you're welcome to ship out with one of our supply runs to the "space station".

Shared Hosting

A shell on the flagship UY1, as described here. Comes with PHP hosting with Apache, a MySQL database of your very own, and limited support. Requests to domains of your choice proxied to http dirs of your choice.

0.003 BTC/mo. Price may change to reflect changes in the underlying exchange rate; wouldn't do at all to bill 250 or 2.5 dollar equivalents for a service priced around 25.

Rockchip mini-servers

$100/mo. $75/mo paid quarterly.

$50 dollar setup fee.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • Quad-core ARM V8, 1.4 GHz
  • 128 GB Samsung USB3 storage

This nifty machine sits at that sweet spot between "a big-kid-pants server" that takes up an entire 1U and eats lord only knows how many watts at idle, and the not-actually-isolated modern timeshare scam known as "Virtual Private Servers". It has none of the overhead of a virtualized kernel, and its teeny tiny, dare I say adorable form factor is such that we can cram oodles of these into space that would otherwise cost north of a hundred dollars a month just in power, space and bandwidth.

Failed SSDs will be replaced at Pizarro expense at most one time per year. Further replacements cost $50 USD each.

Available for rent while supplies last. Get 'em while they're hot!


0.00104167 BTC/mo.

We also rent the world-famous FUCKGOATS true random number generator, for safe online RSA in either a box of your own delivery or one of our Rockchip mini servers.