Shared Hosting

Provision Your Website the right way with Pizarro Shared Hosting. Most Providers oversubscribe and oversell their harware, leaving you with no idea where your shit actually is. Our current machines offering shared hosting are:


  • 128 GB ECC RAM
  • 2x 16-core AMD Opteron 6376 (2.3 GHz) (32 Cores)
  • Reserved Space, Just for you on a 1.7 TB RAID 10 Array composed of Samsung Solid State Drives
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP 5.6
  • Located in safe and politically stable Montevideo, Uruguay outside of NATO or other belligerent states

Plans Available on UY1 Include:

Hosted Shell Plus

Power and configurability, for 0.002 BTC per month you get full shell access to the server, and 10 GB of storage. There is a discount of 10% for subscribing and paying a shared hosting subscription on an annual basis.

Account Security And Creation

All interactions with Pizarro are authenticated and secured by Public Key cryptography.

  1. Generate a GPG keypair, the public key will serve as your identity in dealings with Pizarro. We don't require credit cards or other personal information.
  2. Register your public key with Deedbot.
  3. Connect to the #Pizarro channel on the Freenode IRC network
  4. Contact BingoBoingo or ben_vulpes to set up your account. Have an SSH public key ready. Your SSH key will be used for logging into your shell or ftp account on the server. Providing a domain name for your site is recommended, limited support will be offered for configuration without at least one domain name.
  5. Your account will go live when payment is confirmed.
  6. If you would like mp-wp installed for you by Pizarro, mp-wp will be set up 24-48 hours after your invoice for service is issued.


Monthly, quarterly, and annual billing are available with all prices, invoices, and payments in Bitcoin.

Need Something More?

If your needs include still more power, storage, or separation, Pizarro offers colocation and dedicated single board servers. Inquire in #Pizarro on Freenode.